Welcome to the new immedia website
  So far, only the websites, contact, faq and home pages have content on them. This is still a work in progress.
  We have been doing photography since 1973, graphic design since 1993 and websites since 1997.
  Historically we have primarily worked for clients in the cultural and spiritual sphere, but we have done commercial work as well, for a wide range of clients.
  We work primarily on the Macintosh platform for print design and on the PC platform for websites. We use state of the art design software from Adobe, Quark and Macromedia. We also offer digital photography and have portable studio lighting and background available for location work.
  Please feel free to contact us at 905-237-6789 or via email at info@immediadesign.ca to discuss promotional possibilities for your initiative or business venture.
updated Jan. 10, 2008